1) Estate Planning – Will/Trust/Advance Health-Care Directive Notarization

Gale Ranch Notary Coordinates with the Bay Area based Attorney and does Notary Sign.


The Estate Plan forms are: 

  1.           The Revocable Trust
  2.           Pour-over Wills (one for each spouse)
  3.           Medical Power of Attorney  (one for each spouse)
  4.           Assignment of Personal Property to the trust
  5.           Deeds.  One deed is included in the price but additional properties cost exra.

             This includes lookup of the chain of title, preparation of the deed, the Preliminary Change of Owner Form, and I record it with the County.

  1.           Guardianship Nomination and Information – if applicable for minor children.
  2.           Certificate of Trust.


Please note Gale Ranch Notary does not provide Attorney Services but refer to the right Attorney to protect your family and assets. After the attorney completes the above paper work, Gale Ranch Notary does the notarization.

Contact Gale Ranch Notary for Estate Planning – Wills/Trust/Health-Care directive references to Cost-Effective Bay Area Attorney.