Gale Ranch Notary, Apostille and Financial Services

Gale Ranch Notary, Apostille and Financial Services 4 main areas of focus for the first quarter 2022 are



a. Estate Planning – Will,Trust and Health-Care Directive
b. Life Insurance – Review existing policies and validate if adjustment needed considering inflation, increased wealth and beneficiary updates
c. Youth Protection (18+) – Health-Care POA and HIPAA release

    Long-Term Tax Planning

Pay LESS Tax or Pay NO tax? We can build a strategy for your Retirement Planning and College Planning for kids.

    Passive Income Generation (Now and after retirement)

a. Real-Estate Investements in TX, NC thorugh our licensed realtor network, 401k/IRA/529 reviews and performance analysis.
b. IT, Finance and Admin jobs who has EAD/GC/Citizenship. Share your current resume to for placement assistance through our preferred recruiters network.

    Investment choices

Real-Estate Land, Rental properties and Bitcoin HELP thorugh experts.


We are here to help you in the above order of priority 🙂 Ask us where to invest your 1st quarter bonus $ 🙂

Schedule for 30-Minutes no obligation review for any of the above areas.

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