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The current outbreak of COVID-19 coronavirus has had a significant impact on the economy and Wall Street

  • The markets will recover, but uncertainty in your retirement or other savings methods can be balanced with non-market strategies.
  • Most people are unaware that life insurance contracts provide living benefits that can be utilized to enhance various savings strategies and hedge against market changes.

  • Cash value life insurance provides guaranteed growth and tax-efficient distribution options.
  • While retirement account balances have been declining owing to the present market climate, the cash value of life insurance policies has not been affected and will continue to rise.
  • Hence it is more important to diversify your portfolio in Tax-Now, Tax-Later and Tax-Never buckets.
  • To learn more and understand tax-never strategy (IRS code 7702), please contact me for 30-minutes session.
  • It can save thousands $ of your retirement, investment and college savings against market and tax risks.

- Govind, Gale Ranch Notary and Financial Services. Govind@GaleRanchNotary.com

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