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Power of Attorney to India – Steps

Step 1 : Get POA documents prepared by Attorney (India lawyer). You can also prepare by document writers who has small shops next to registrar office in India. 2nd option is cost-effective. Online generic template (from Google search) can be used however it will not have customized for your property and your registrar’s requirements in India.

After all the below steps- registrar may not accept if it does not have all proper information in POA. So my recommendation is either attorney or document writers.

Step 2 : Get it Notarized. Valid ID and document is enough.
Lead-time: 15-30 Minutes.

Step 3 : Get the document Apostilled from Secretary of State, Sacramento- What is Apostille? refer the below my Gale Ranch Notary site and more info in CGI web-site.

Gale Ranch Notary – FAQ

Consulate General of India, San Francisco, California
Lead-Time: 1 Week as of today June 27th 2022

Step 4 : Get Indian Consulate sign (This is optional as per CGI site, refer the link above).
Follow the CGI site for check-lists. 2 more documents need notary and copy of POA needs to be attached for their record.
$22 Cashiers check or Money order for CGI.
Lead-Time: Approx. 10-days via mail. Still it is not open for walk-in.

Step 5 : Life Certificate (Optional – Check with registrar if this is needed): This is normally requested from Doctors. In USA, doctors usually do not certify this. Notary Public can sign this document.
This helps avoid fraud activities in registering by someone even after the main person’s death.
Lead-time: 15-30 Minutes.

Step 6 : Scan and Send the documents to validate.

Step 7 : Send the original documents to India via Courier.

Step 7 : Adjusticate the POA document in the registrar office through POA in India. Next, register the property to seller through POA.

Please note above POA document is for a specific property only as it has Patta, Survey# and other details in it.

General Power of Attorney is different format which is given for property maintenance, EB, rent collections etc.,

I am available in San Ramon for notary and Apostille help (Step-2, Step-3, Step-5), reachable at (925) 322 3131 or Govind@GaleRanchNotary.com

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