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Steps for selling property in India and repatriation of money to USA

The Social Security Administration recalculates your retirement benefit each year after getting your income information from tax documents. If you had filed the tax already, it is time to do annual review of Social Security records.

  • Apply for PAN card (Tax id)
  • Drafting of Power of Attorney to be executed in favor of a relative/family member for signing Sale Agreements
  • Review of the Sale Agreement to be entered into the with the buyer (Drafting to be done by the Advocate / Document Writer of the buyer)
  • Visiting Government offices for arriving at the value of the property as on 1.4.2001 Computation of Tax Payable pursuant to the sale (Capital Gains)Apply for PAN card (Tax id)
  • Advisory on Tax Saving options
  • Purchase of Bonds (if required as part of the Tax Saving option)
  • Payment of Tax in India
    Filling of Form A2 – given by the banker
  • Issue of CA Certificate in Form 15CA
  • Transfer of Amount to NRO Account -> USA Bank account USA ( Another option: Transfer to NRO -> NRE -> USA Bank account) Filing of Income Tax Returns in India
  • Filing of Form 15CA on your behalf
  • Shared for the community awareness from a expert CFA by Govind, Gale Ranch Notary.

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